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  Mystery: Sandy Hook Victim Dies (again) in Pakistan

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PostSubject: Mystery: Sandy Hook Victim Dies (again) in Pakistan   Sat Jan 03, 2015 9:36 am

Mystery: Sandy Hook Victim Dies (again) in Pakistan

Photo of child killed at Sandy Hook shows up following school shooting in Pakistan

Adan Salazar
January 2, 2014

A large-scale attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, last month left 132 school children and 10 teachers dead.

Among the alleged victims emerged the familiar face of Noah Pozner, one of the children supposedly killed in the December 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Without explanation, Pozner’s image has appeared in multiple photos and reports of the high-profile Army Public School shooting, reportedly carried out by 9 members of an elite Taliban terror group on December 16.

Despite his death over two years ago, Pozner also managed to be memorialized on a wall dedicated to the APSACS massacre victims, according to a photo taken by Agence-France Press.

Pozner’s smiling face is also prominently displayed in a photo meme appearing on the website, who lists among its supporters the globalist NGO USAID and several United Nations sub-branches, and his photo is also tagged with the name “Huzaifa Huxaifa” on the “Army Public School & College – Boys Peshawar” Facebook page.

A large poster-sized image of Pozner also appears on a memorial wall in Peshawar, and can be spotted in at least two BBC world news reports.

A journalist with Pakistan’s Express Tribune spotted the image of Pozner early on:

   Should be pointed out that bottom middle child in this collage is actually a Sandy Hook victim – 6 yr old Noah Pozner

   — omar r quraishi (@omar_quraishi) December 17, 2014

As yet, no official explanation has emerged as to why Pozner’s photo has been inserted among the APSCS victims, but the BBC speculates that internet “recycling” of images is to blame, as another photo featuring a bloody shoe was also misattributed to the same event.

Can the photo’s misuse simply be brushed off as another bumbling Google image search mistake, or is it be willful subterfuge aimed at poking fun at those who question the validity of the Sandy Hook event?
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Mystery: Sandy Hook Victim Dies (again) in Pakistan
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