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 Annie (Anne) Haddad was Playing Nancy Lanza? Looks Like It.

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PostSubject: Annie (Anne) Haddad was Playing Nancy Lanza? Looks Like It.    Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:38 am

Annie (Anne) Haddad was Playing Nancy Lanza? Looks Like It.

Published on Nov 20, 2013

The more I look into Annie Haddad (aka Anne Haddad Annie Sweeny Haddad, Annie Giorno) the more it seems like we have finally figured out how they confused the town into thinking Nancy Lanza existed..

Annie Anne Haddad was Playing Nancy Lanza Looks Like It

Remember.. nobody was ever let into "Nancy's" house, and never saw "Nancy's son"..

"Annie Haddad" lived less than a mile away from "Nancy Lanza"...

"Annie Haddad" was a special needs teacher - So was "Nancy Lanza"

"Annie Haddad" had two children "Nancy Lanza" had two children (nobody ever got to see them though)

"Annie Haddad" was married to a "Peter". "Nancy Lanza" was married to a "Peter".

"Annie Haddad" attended a Monthly Mom's night out meet-up - "Nancy Lanza" attended Monthly mom's night out meet-ups.

"Annie Haddad" aka Annie Giorno allegedly worked at St. Rose of Lima the same school Adam Lanza supposedly attended before Sandy Hook- and we were told that "She was a teacher at the school."

Annie Haddad looks EXACTLY like Nancy Lanza

During Sandy Hook, one of the major screw-ups was people mentioning "she was a teacher at the school" This screw-up would make a lot more sense if in fact Annie Haddad was confused for Nancy Lanza-

After all Annie Haddad WAS a special needs teacher, and had worked as one in Sandy Hook.

Annie Haddad's education was "special education" and was a "teacher of special needs kids" by her own admission.. and in a bizarre article from the Courante we read:

.............Rousseau AND A SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER who happened to be in the room. Rousseau was filling in for the regular teacher..........

Rousseau and a "special education teacher" happens to be in the room.. THE SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER IS NEVER NAMED!!! why not name that teacher? Rousseau herself was a substitute teacher.. maybe the special needs teacher was as well?

The "special needs" teacher is never named by name.. but why? "The special needs teacher is THE ONLY teacher never mentioned by name.. could it be because they don't want people looking into who this "special needs" teacher was?... if people did a search for Annie Haddad or Anne Giorno special education Sandy Hook and saw the image of what this teacher looked like they would be instantly saying: She looks EXACTLY like Nancy Lanza?

Articles used:

A Methodical Massacre: Horror And Heroics:

Annie Haddad Fundraiser page:

The article talking about the "dice game meet-up once a month by the moms":

An interesting read on the Connection between St. Rose of Lima and Sandy Hook:

Here's the article where I found the video of "Haddad"
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Annie (Anne) Haddad was Playing Nancy Lanza? Looks Like It.
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