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 Burnt (TOASTED) cars on 9/11 , what caused this ?

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PostSubject: Burnt (TOASTED) cars on 9/11 , what caused this ?   Tue Sep 24, 2013 7:47 am

Burnt cars on 9/11 , what caused this ?

tire melted to goo; where's the engine?

Why did the front of the fire truck wilt?

in front of WTC 6 before WTC 7 collapsed

No tires, doorlights, handles, or windows

Was that white thing a van? How did it melt?

No grill, headlights, tires

Paper sits ubiquitously unfazed in pictures

WTC 5 on fire, WTC 7 on right. The area is somehow hot enough for the mailtruck to combust; cars adjacent to WTC 7 are toasted.

FDR is a 1/2 mile away

entrance to Brooklyn Bridge on southbound FDR drive; 1/2 mile away

No tires, windows or doorhandles. What mangled this car under a bridge a 1/2 mile away?

Interior of the police car
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Burnt (TOASTED) cars on 9/11 , what caused this ?
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