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 CGI Animated Short HD: "ShapeShifter" by CHRLX

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PostSubject: CGI Animated Short HD: "ShapeShifter" by CHRLX    Sun Aug 11, 2013 3:54 pm

CGI Animated Short HD: "ShapeShifter" by CHRLX
Awesome animated short "Shapeshifter" created by CHRLX. Gabriel Byrne Narrates A Journey Through A Dream World. For more information on this short please visit

ShapeShifter opens mysteriously on a dark car, speeding through the night on winding mountain roads. It is set to a haunting musical composition and prose poem, performed by Gabriel Byrne.

Charlex (also known as CHRLX since 1998) is an American animation studio set in New York City that has created and produced commercials and animation for decades.

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CGI Animated Short HD: "ShapeShifter" by CHRLX
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