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 Satellites : general musings

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PostSubject: Satellites : general musings   Wed Mar 16, 2016 7:08 pm

Questions you have to ask yourself about satellites

There used to be a fellow poster on another forum who was always writing these fantastic threads about NASA fakery.

In particular, about how the satellites that NASA claims to launch, are as fake as the shuttle missions.
A couple things to consider, one the ones that NASA claims are placed in the exosphere via missiles are subject to an array of various solar radiations that would interrupt and interfere with transmission of signals to the point of negating their being useful at all. Not to mention they never bother to explain how or where the fuel is stored for decades to do the necessary almost constant corrections to keep up with the Earth's transit around the Sun. They are not attached in any meaningful way according to NASA to Earth's gravitational field.

Then the one's that would be supposedly geosynchronous at 300 to 500 miles up, have the same problem of needing constant corrections to keep it from merely falling to Earth because of having to fight the gravitational forces.

In essence, we are still using old-fashioned ground radio waves to send and receive signals off the ionosphere. I tested this myself by calling a tech support group for a national cable system and asking them some pointed questions, which after passing me around to several guys, never could give me answers to my questions. Basically, I was asking if 'rabbit ears' and antennae still work, and if so why? I said, on the one hand you are telling me your signal has to travel out to a relay satellite a thousand miles up. How does the signal "know" that it doesn't have to just bounce off the ionosphere anymore? Or how does it know that some of it needs to bounce off the ionosphere and part of it still needs to hit a relay a thousand miles out? They were stumped.

I finally got one to admit what the box is REALLY for. It has a broader frequency band so that it can hit 300 points on the range instead of 13 that comes standard with your TV. The satellite is a scam. If you will notice almost nobody's "dish" is pointing up into space but outward to receive a slanted signal at a much lower altitude.
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Satellites : general musings
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